Why Browser Extensions Are Flying Under the Radar

Browser extensions, historically known as toolbars, are a great way for affiliates to earn a high payday by simply sending users to install an advertiser’s product. These extensions are very much an integral part of the online experience. Even though they can really provide some valuable features to users, browser extensions can sometimes be overlooked by affiliate marketers for many reasons. But, they really shouldn’t, as extension offers can prove to be among the most lucrative sources of passive income.

Payouts frequently surpass $5 CPI (cost per install), and campaigns can be easily duplicated. In this article, we will cover more about browser extensions and why you should strongly consider setting up a test for one of these products.

Overcoming the Reputation

It’s not entirely inaccurate to characterize some browser extensions as low quality or spammy, especially some of the older toolbars you may have encountered several years ago. Some of them may have been perceived as spyware by users, for example, or they inserted invasive ads that detract from the user experience. This poor reputation can precede even the best-intentioned of browser toolbars.

Browser extensions have come a long way since those early spammy days. While there may still be some bad players out there, it’s important to educate the public on all of the good that these modern toolbars and add-ons can provide. They add features that the regular browser may lack, like making it easier to check the weather, shop online for products, listen to the radio, or convert PDF files. In this way, extensions can actually add to a positive overall experience, especially if you choose the right ones to promote. And this can lead to a great source of income for affiliates.

Did you know that Google actually loves these types of offers? And that you never have to cloak to take advantage of this potentially huge upside?

Top Browser Extensions at a Glance

In order to best understand what is working best in the world of browser extensions, look no further than the applications that are already on millions of browsers and often at the top of the Chrome store charts.

And when it comes to stats and research in reference to how users are finding top applications, it’s usually through any of these top sources and locations:

The biggest traffic sources are Search & Google Display Network (GDN)

  • GDN – possible to do more volume, many impressions, cheaper CPC, but lower payouts possible dependent on the lifetime value of the user, but if the advertiser allows, any traffic source is good
  • Bing Search – more affordable CPCs, easier ad approval process, user quality may be lower
  • Google Search – larger search volume and reach, higher CPC, etc.

Lucrative Affiliate Offers

Partly because of their old reputation and partly because attention has shifted to so many other opportunities over the years, browser extensions can fly under the radar for many affiliates. What this means, though, is that savvy affiliates can scoop in on this opportunity and cash in where others have missed out. The payouts for browser extension installs frequently go for over $5 CPI, so there is definitely a lot of money to be made.

The process is really straightforward too.

  1. Sign in to your Aragon Advertising affiliate account.
  2. Browse through the currently active browser extension offers.
  3. Apply to the offers that interest you (if needed).
  4. Research the competitors to see what related extensions are available, including their landing pages.
  5. Spy on competitors to see what keywords they are bidding on. Compile your list of keywords accordingly.
  6. Choose your traffic sources. Search and GDN are the most common, and the latter will likely get you more volume. However, you may find that the CPCs are lower with Bing Search, and the ad approval process is also easier.
  7. Run traffic directly to the offer page (or to your own landing page).
  8. Optimize your campaigns for maximum ROI based on daily reports. Zero in on the most lucrative keywords and other ad configuration settings.

Turning Scale into Autopilot

The real magic with these offers comes when you learn how to scale. Once you hit on a winning formula, these campaigns require very minimal maintenance and your ad spend will become far more efficient too with a steady budget. A great way to capitalize on this is with Bing Ads smart bidding automation.

The net result is a simple passive income stream that can free up your time to explore other affiliate offers! Be sure to check Trending offers.

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