Network vs. Direct Advertiser

Why You Should Use an Affiliate Network For Your Pay-Per-Call Campaigns

As an affiliate your network, you have probably approached individual advertisers to join their affiliate programs, many of which are pay-per-call.

When you approach advertisers individually, you’d typically be provided with a single phone number that’s routed to one call center – thereby limiting the hours and coverage you can get to increase your conversion rate.

In addition, when you approach each advertiser as an individual publisher, you’ll have to manage your own payment processing and often get less favorable terms.

The good news is, you don’t have to do it all on your own. When you join an affiliate network, such as Aragon Advertising, you’ll get the right support and technologies to increase your campaigns’ effectiveness – e.g., by leveraging bundled campaigns.

The Benefits of Using an Affiliate Network and Leveraging Bundled Campaigns

When you run your campaigns through an affiliate network like Aragon, you can take advantage of “call bundles.” These are campaigns made up of many advertisers located in different time zones and geographic locations to help affiliates maximize their revenues through real-time call routing.

When you run your campaigns on a network, each call made through your unique tracking number gets routed to a “bundle” and then distributed to the advertiser that’s the best fit.

These bundled campaigns allow you to centralize your marketing efforts by pre-qualifying advertisers and intelligently routing the calls in real-time so you can maximize your ROI.

By pooling together resources and bargaining power, networks create bundled campaigns that allow publishers access to extended hours and coverage, larger budgets, better payment terms, and higher EPCs. All of which lead to higher scale and ROI.

Each bundled campaign has its unique call treatment options so it can be programmed for intelligent call routing to ensure that all the calls are sent to the right advertisers.

For example, you can route calls based on the location of the callers. Let’s say you’re promoting roofing services. A call from New Jersey will be routed to an advertiser located in NJ to ensure that the lead is qualified for the local service. If a call comes in from an area that isn’t covered by your campaign, a resourceful affiliate network can reroute the call in real-time to match it up with the right service provider.

Get Access To Powerful Bundled Campaigns Through the Right Affiliate Network

The key to running effective bundled campaigns is to join a network with a large and diverse pool of advertisers, as well as the technologies to route the calls intelligently.

Aragon Advertising has an extensive network of high-quality advertisers in many industries and we provide real-time, sophisticated call flow management. As a result, our bundled campaigns are highly effective in helping publishers increase their overall EPC and maximize ROI.

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