7 Steps To Creating a Pay Per Call Campaign on Google

It will take you less than 20 minutes to create your first pay per call campaign on Google if you follow the seven simple steps discussed below. This guide serves to help affiliates understand how they can accomplish some basic tasks without having to wait for their ads manager while taking full advantage of Google Ads.

Note that this configuration is for Google Ads Expert Mode. If you’re not using that configuration, you will need to switch to Expert Mode in order to follow the steps discussed below.

1. Dashboard Navigation

The Google Ads dashboard is divided into five sections.

  • The left navigation menu
  • The “grey” top bar
  • Page menu
  • The subpage menu (just below the top bar)
  • Table toolbar

2. Choosing a Campaign Goal and Type

From the campaign page, click the blue plus button and select NEW CAMPAIGN. Once you’ve made the selection, you’ll be redirected to a page where you can select the campaign type. You can select either SALES, LEADS, or create a campaign without a goal.

After selecting your campaign goal, navigate to the bottom and select your campaign type. For this purpose, you’ll need to select SEARCH and further select PHONE CALL.

3. Configuring the Campaign Budget, Bids, and Targeting

Once you’ve completed the goal and campaign type selection, you’ll be able to continue with the campaign budget, bids, and targeting configuration.

4. Ad Group Creation

Once you’ve completed the initial campaign configuration, subsequent ad groups can be created by selecting the AD GROUP menu from the left navigation menus. To create a new ad group, click the blue plus sign similar to the one you see during the campaign creation.

5. Adding Keywords to the Ad Group

Keywords are added at the ad group level. Before you can add keywords, you need first to select the ad group. Basically, ad group helps the advertiser to create targeted ads around themed or identical keywords. For instance, if you have a car dealership company, you might create an ad group around each car brand.

6. Creating Your Call Ads

After configuring the campaign and ad group creation, the next step is to create ads. Select the ad group you’d like to create an ad for and also select the ADS & EXTENSIONS menu from the left vertical navigation menu. From the ad page, click the blue plus button and select CALL AD. Fill in the phone number, business name, and ad texts.

7. Review the Configuration

Before you push the ads live, it is essential to review the configurations. Below are some of the important settings to review before going live:

  • The location settings to make sure that the ads are configured to deliver to people in your preferred location
  • Check the ads scheduled to prevent ads from running outside your working hours
  • Check the bids to make sure you’re not bidding too high for clicks
  • Check the campaign goal
  • Check the keywords match type
  • Check the target demographic
  • Cross check the ads for typos, etc.

Once the configurations have been reviewed, push the ads to go live. Google will review the ads before they can start showing to users on Google’s platform.