Why Pay Per Call Will Help Build Your Insurance Agency

As mobile devices continue to proliferate, there’s no better time to tap into pay per call marketing than now. With over 1 million mobile searches per month in the insurance sector, the opportunity is ripe for insurance agents to capitalize on this new communication medium.

The insurance landscape has changed a lot over the years. The majority of millennials now purchase policies online instead of local insurance agencies. As an insurance agent, that means shifting your marketing messages and methods in order to reach your target customers.

Here are the benefits you can stand to gain from pay per call marketing:

High Quality Leads

Getting live insurance leads through pay per call marketing seems like a no-brainer. According to research, 51% of mobile searchers said they often need to call businesses in their local area before making a purchase. Pay per call is arguably the best way to sell insurance to people in your target market.

As an insurance agent, your marketing campaign success depends on getting quality leads that convert to customers. Pay per call ads target key demographics and regions allowing you to only pay for leads that convert.

High Return On Investment

If you’re working on a shoestring budget and want to get more out of your advertising dollars, pay per call offers you more quality leads than pay per click. Unlike pay per click, which converts 2-3% of the time; pay per call will not only convert 25-50% of the time, the returns on those investments are also higher.

The challenge facing most small insurance companies today is how to compete in the oversaturated market and reach consumers quickly. Pay per call can help your insurance agency generate more qualified leads and a higher Return on Investment (ROI).

If you need to sell more insurance policies, pay per call can help you do that without breaking the bank. The success of pay per call marketing comes from the fact that customers want faster service, especially when they‘re ready to make a purchase.

Growing Mobile Market

There is no better way to deliver a sales pitch for insurance than on the phone. According to BIA/Kelsey, the annual calls to businesses will reach 161 billion by 2019 — doubling the volume of calls in 2015. With the advent of call-tracking software, pay per call providers can now reliably track, forward, record and account for every call.

With click-to-call features on smartphone and tablet devices, users can now call local businesses with the press of a button. There’s no need to dial a number or switch to a call screen. This functionality has allowed for rapid expansion of mobile marketing.

Even people ages 70 and older are adopting smartphones and tablet devices which allow insurance agents to tailor insurance services to the needs of their clients.

Speak With Potential Customers In Real Time

Insurance products are not tangible, most of the time it requires speaking directly with an agent to understand the deductible and the cost of coverage. Thus, pay per call can help you engage with prospective customers when they are keen on buying and ready to make a decision.

The click-to-call features on the smartphones allow a potential customer to initiate a phone call by tapping a link instead of dialing the number manually. Because of click to call, businesses are getting better results through their mobile marketing efforts.

Whether you’re a small business (selling insurance from home) or big insurance company, pay per call allows you to choose and customize calls to suit your own unique market’s needs.

Here are the reasons why Aragon Advertising can help build your insurance agency:

  • You don’t need to have internet marketing experience; Aragon’s vast digital and traditional media Network
  • You’ll get quick access to a ready-made customer base
  • You don’t need a website; qualified leads will be forwarded to your phone number
  • You’ll speak directly to prospective customers in real time

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