2019 Health Insurance Providers’ Guide To Preparing For the Open Enrollment Period

During the Open Enrollment Period for the 2019 plan year, approximately 11.4 million consumers selected or were automatically re-enrolled in Exchange plans.

For health insurance providers, the Open Enrollment Period for the 2020 plan year (which runs between November 1 and December 15 in 2019 for most states) is a critical opportunity to attract more customers.

Here’s how you can prepare for the Open Enrollment Period and increase your conversion rates:

Update Website Information

Most consumers prefer to have the ability to “self-service” by finding information on a vendor’s website during their initial research. They tend to spend more time on a provider’s site if there’s sufficient information.

Research common questions and objections from consumers and update your content to address their concerns. You can create a searchable knowledge base or an FAQ page to make your content more user-friendly.

By phrasing the content in your audience’s language, you can also capture the relevant long-tail keywords to help your site rank high in search engine results.

Create Engaging Content

Visual content (e.g., photos, illustrations, infographics, and videos) are found to be the most effective in capturing consumers’ attention and increasing their engagement with your information.

These assets can be posted on your website and promoted through social media to drive traffic.

In addition, you can offer interactive tools such as plan selectors and plan comparison charts to help consumers digest the often-complex information so they can progress through their buyer’s journey and accelerate the sales cycle.

Prepare For High Traffic Volume

As a large number of consumers will be visiting your website, make sure your hosting service is prepared to handle the increased traffic.

You should anticipate more customer inquiries and ensure that you have the right personnel in place to handle the communications. To reduce wait times, make sure your staff is well trained so they understand all the plans and can process the applications efficiently.

Also, provide high-quality pre-sale omnichannel customer support by making sure consumers can contact your organization in a variety of ways, such as phone, email, live chat, messenger, social media, etc.

Reach More Prospects

A lot of consumers will be researching various healthcare plans online during the Open Enrollment Period. One of the best ways to gain more exposure is to leverage the power of content marketing by working with online content creators that have already built an audience who trust their recommendations.

Instead of approaching and coordinating with individual publishers, you can streamline your campaigns by leveraging an affiliate network that offers pay-per-call marketing.

Each publisher will share a unique tracking number with its audience. When a customer calls and signs up for a plan, the publisher will receive a commission.

To maximize your reach, select a service that has not only an extensive network of affiliates but also owned properties and an internal media team so you can have access to as many sources as possible and find the right opportunities that will reach your target market.

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