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How To Use Email Campaigns To Supercharge Your Content Marketing

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There’s no doubt that content marketing is a highly effective strategy for content publishers and affiliate marketers to reach more people, build trust, and drive conversion.

In fact, our content site, the Money Manual, generated $80k from just one advertiser.

For the same effort you put into content creation, the more high-quality prospects you can attract the higher your ROI will be.

One of the best ways to consistently reach a large audience with minimum cost is email marketing. When executed well, email marketing can produce an ROI of as high as 400%.

By combining content marketing with email marketing, you can maximize your content creation efforts and increase your conversion rate. Here’s how:

1. List Building

Having a list of subscribers that’s interested in your content and offers is the foundation of successful content marketing.

You can create and promote a lead magnet to entice people to sign up to your email list. It should be related to the content on your site, relevant to your ideal audience, and target keywords that will drive high-converting traffic.

Also, ensure that you have lead generation mechanisms (e.g., welcome mat, pop-ups, etc.) installed on your website to capture the information of your visitors.

2. Content Format

Identify the most effective content format (e.g., videos, infographic, articles, etc.) for the type of information you’re sharing and your audience’s preferences.

Often times, using compelling visual content (e.g., images and infographic) can provide a teaser that’d entice recipients to click through to your site.

In addition, test different ways of presenting the content in your emails to find out how best you can engage your audience and increase conversion rates.

3. Segmentation And Personalization

Personalized email marketing has been found to increase conversion rates dramatically.

Using segmentation strategies, you can send highly-targeted content and offers to specific groups of audiences to boost engagement.

In addition, you can set up behavior-triggered workflows to send campaigns based on each recipient’s previous interactions with your emails to increase the relevance of your content.

4. Conversion-Focused Emails

Your emails should include a call-to-action (CTA) – whether it’s asking your subscribers to click through to your site, read an article, or check out an offer.

Define a conversion goal for each email to guide the positioning of your content. Remove any distraction and focus your email on piquing the readers’ interest so they’d click on the CTA.

Also, conduct A/B testing to determine the best way to present the CTA. For example, when Campaign Monitor changed text links to buttons, it reported a 28% increase in click-through rates.

5. Schedule And Expectations

Set a regular publishing schedule and let your audience know how often they can expect your emails.

Staying committed and delivering on the promise can help you stay top of mind while building trust and improving your credibility.

Increase Conversion With the Right Content and Offers

Both email marketing and content marketing are easy to implement and effective even for publishers with a small budget.

Make sure to create content that’s relevant and valuable to your audience and promote them consistently to a high-quality list that’ll be interested in your offers.

Finding the most relevant offers that match your content and audience is the key to driving conversion. Aragon Premium is an affiliate network that connects publishers with advertisers to help you maximize the ROI of your content creation efforts. See how you can get exposure to premium brands and advertisers here

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