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How to Monetize Your Website Without Ads

Piggy bank with money

After spending the time and effort to create content and build an audience for your blog, of course, you want to get rewarded for the hard work.

But you don’t want ads on your website – they’re distracting and not particularly useful (thanks to “banner blindness.”)

The good news is, there are many ways to monetize your site without ads.

First, you need to identify these strategies and implement them on your website. Then you have to drive high-quality traffic so your ideal audience can see the offers.

Identify Monetization Strategies

Here are some of the most effective website monetization strategies:

1. Affiliate Marketing

Recommend products and services from other brands through a special tracking link. When your audience makes a purchase through the link, you’ll receive a commission. You can sign up with individual brands, find products through sites such as ShareASale and Amazon, or join our affiliate network that will match you with brands that align with your interest.

2. Digital Products or Online Courses

Create eBooks, audio courses, or a video series to teach your audience a topic related to the content on your website. You can also offer online courses, which often have a higher perceived value.

3. Sponsored Content

Get brands to pay you for writing a review or a post about their products or services on your blog. You can approach companies individually or use websites such as PayPerPost or to connect with businesses.

4. Membership Features

Offer exclusive content, networking opportunities, or direct advice from you via a membership area on your website. A well-run membership site is a great way to generate recurring income.

5. Selling Your Services

You can offer freelancing, consulting, or coaching services through your blog, which is essentially your “portfolio” that shows potential clients the quality of your work or your unique approach.

6. Donation

Some successful bloggers who have built a loyal following are able to monetize their websites through donation. By doing so, readers can trust that your opinions aren’t skewed by the need to sell a product or get paid by a sponsor.

Drive Traffic To Your Website

After you have identified how to make money on your site, you need to attract high-quality visitors:

1. Content Marketing

Sharing relevant and valuable content is one of the best strategies to attract the right audience and build relationships so they’ll either trust your recommendations or purchase your products or services.

Here’s a case study of how we generated $80k with affiliate marketing from just one advertiser with content marketing.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Most people start their research using Google. That means you’d have a much better chance in attracting high-quality traffic if your website is listed on the top of the relevant search engine results. Make sure your website is optimized such that search engines can understand and index your content.

3. Email and Social Media Marketing

Share the links to your content with your email list and social media followers so they’ll click through to your website. These people have already shown interest in your content so they’d be more likely to convert.


There are many creative ways to monetize your website without ads. The best strategy is one that’s a good fit for your topic and meets the needs of your audience.

If you choose to use affiliate marketing, check out our exclusive content marketing network and work with premium brands such as Swagbucks, Uber, Stash, Digit, and many more – apply for Aragon Premium here.





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